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Yoga in the City


My name is Linda, I’m Italian and I’m a Yoga Teacher.

I have been practicing Yoga for many years, never constantly, but Yoga has always been a part of my life since I was 20. It has slowly become my everyday lifestyle. It affects most of my daily decisions: from the groceries I buy, to the food I cook, people I meet, mood I’m in, clothes I wear…. It started being my personal compass.

When I moved to Cape Town last year I signed up for a yoga teacher training course at Yoga Life Studio in De Waterkant. It wasn’t easy, especially from an emotional point of you, but it was worth the challenge. Yoga makes me a happier, healthier and stronger person. It’s what connects me to myself. It’s the light I look for when I’m lost & confuse.

Through Yoga I want to bring the same magic to as many people as possible.

I also believe everyone should have access to it.

I teach yoga at my home in Cape Town, organize private yoga events and collaborate with local NGOs to bring Yoga to disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape.

I’m currently also busy creating a Travel Company that Specializes in Yoga retreats around the word.

For more updates you can check my Website or my Facebook page:

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