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“The Year of The Body”

As they say the problem with New Years Resolutions is trying to keep them! We all start the fresh year off with high hopes,  enthusiastically  declaring that this is The Year! Most people start off committing to “The Year Of the Body” (as my friend announced on New Year’s Eve – LOVE IT)! This would involve eating well, exercising more, stop smoking, drinking less…. How many of you are on the same frequency? We all are!!!! bodyprops3
The issue here is after a month or so, the enthusiasm fades a bit, exercise wanes and things usually go back to normal, right? Because that’s how we as humans go through life…it’s an innate function – reverting back to our usual routine and comfy habits!
BUT let us repeat ourselves now…”THIS IS THEEEE YEAR”!!! It’s Theeee Year to stick to those declarations, fulfill the bucket list, achieve each and every one of the goals you have set out for. We’ve survived multiple “end of the worlds”, we can definitely tick off our bucket list and go to gym more often.
Sit down now and make your NY Resolutions list. If anyone is interested, this is mine:
Number 1“The Year of the Body” 🙂 Yes I stole it! Let’s be honest, we have one body that needs to function optimally otherwise everything else on the list would be insignificant.
So this is what I aim to do:
 – Exercise daily
 – Enter races and triathlons and actually train so I don’t get cold feet and run the opposite way!
 – Start paddling
 – Surf more
 – Stop losing at squash (one day…)
 – Eat more salads for dinner
 – Cut down on portion size (tough one for me)
 – Cut out caffeine
Number 2: wake up happy every day
Number 3: Be a great friend, daughter and sister to my patient, loving and supportive crew (LOVE you guys)
Number 4: get a kitten and name her Peaches

(I have a million more but won’t bore you).

Make them attainable and fun so that you don’t get bored half way through the year and give up. It’s also a great idea to partner up or join a club, to motivate each other. Or just follow my blog and I’ll try keep you going!

Let’s Tango 2013!!!

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