alex royal diet


I am so proud of all the gorgeous and motivated girls and guy who participated in this Challenge.

You have been so committed and enthusiastic that I have felt completely motivated myself.

The results were excellent. However the main thing that touched me was seeing the change in lifestyle, which occurred in everyone.  From chocoholics (yes you know who I am talking to 😉 ) cutting down to a block once every two weeks to couch potatoes gymming before work at the crack of dawn! Guys you are all brilliant and I hope that the tools I have shared with you can be implemented for a lifetime and passed onto your family, friends and one day your children…Let the happiness and health be spread 🙂 (dramatic but so true).

I am so excited to announce the winner who has done SUPERBLY! But I need to keep you in suspense for one more day…I have a great Q&A interview with the winner and some pics so you can learn her secrets. Keep posted for tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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