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What to do with your fridge leftovers

Don’t throw out your leftovers, turn them into something delish 🙂

1. Lettuce leaves

  • Stir Fry

Lettuce can be used like cabbage in stir-fries (it does require less cooking). Finely shred and add to your stir-fry at the last minute for some crunch.

2. Two carrots

  • Carrot mash

Boil carrots with potatoes until soft and then mash together.

3. Fresh herbs

  • Herb bricks

Place chopped herbs in ice-cube trays and cover in oil. Freeze, then pop cubes into a freezer bag ad return to freezer. transfer a cube to the pan for a herb flavour bomb.

4. A cup of cooked rice

  • Rice salad

Fry cooked rice in spices of your choice. Cook until crispy, then toss with other salad ingredients such as peppers, mushrooms, celery to add texture and flavour.

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