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Weight loss success story “celebrate every kilogram dropped”

Lysette is my latest success story. I am extremely proud of her and asked her to share the ups and downs…


Lysette Tshamp before and after picAlex: How many kg did you lose in total?

Lysette:  I have lost 12 Kgs in total since June 2015!


Alex: What was the hardest part?

Lysette: The hardest part for me is to combine the diet with exercises.


Alex: What was the easiest part? Or what did you find surprisingly easy?

Lysette: The easiest part is the fact that this eating plan is in my budget for it is AFFORDABLE! And surprisingly easy is the fact that I don’t have to go out of my way to follow the plan.


Alex: Do you have any tips for others wanting to lose weight?

Lysette: Be patient with yourself and celebrate every kg dropped.  I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Alex for being patient and being really involved in my weight loss journey!

She is so encouraging and doesn’t make you feel bad when you have “a cheat” rather she is understand and remind you about your weight goal in and really celebrate with you every success…


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