alex royal diet



…And that means Party time!!!! And we all know what that leads to…Lots of temptation including wine, beer, cocktails…and the list goes on!

So let’s get down to it – the good the bad and the moderate 🙂

The bad – Alcohol can cause liver disease, chronic pancreatitis, cancer and malabsorption, if had in excess. Also a major problem involves the acute effect – leading to injuries, car accidents etc (the endorphins released by the alcohol make you feel like Superman…but you’re NOT)!

The good – In MODERATION – 2 units for guys and 1 for the ladies… at this amount, and ONLY at this amount, you could see positive results such as reduced risk for heart disease (by 25-30%), as it increases the good HDL cholesterol, reduces blood pressure and blood coagulation. Diabetes risk can also be reduced because of decreased insulin resistance.

So enjoy your weekend with this in mind…take it to heart 😉 But be moderate!

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