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Tips for the weekend…


Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you are all ready for a great weekend!

I have some tips that will keep you on a healthy streak without being restrictive and prevent you getting to Monday saying “I NEED A DETOX”!

  • If you are going to drink alcohol, make sure you only drink 1 unit for the girls and two for the boys…binge drinking can effect your liver and overall health
  • Always keep hydrated with water if you are out having a drink and don’t drink on an empty stomach…you don’t want to be “that girl”
  • Exercise as much as possible – try start out the day with a run in the mountain or a stroll on the beach! If the weather’s miserable, hit the gym or do a few sit-ups in your lounge…every bit helps
  • Visit your local market – City Bowl Market is a great example – to get your week’s supply of fresh veggies
  • Take some time to chill and enjoy your own company! Life gets too busy and before you know it it’s half way through the year and you’re stressed and burnt out! Chillax this weekend!
  • Most importantly laugh, smile and enjoy time with awesome people!!!


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