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If there’s a will….

Will is all you need.
You can conquer a mountain, paddle an ocean, tick off challenges on your bucket list, all with an incredibly strong will. Your physical strength is one thing yes…but to get your body machine-like you need that determination. You need to put in the hours. Commit completely. Say goodbye to relaxing evenings parked in front of the TV, chilling with mates and chatting over wine or even just being still.  No ones got time for chatting, unless you’re chatting on a bike / in your running shoes at a break after a sprint / a quick catch up over a protein shake. I mean really! Chatting pugghhhhh! And being still. You can only be stationary while you sleep or when you have to stop at a robot. I’m even doing my stretches while I brush my teeth, no lies :/
You have to say goodbye to your slender physique and one toned tan and say a HELLO to man arms, hippo thighs and cycling shorts and sunglasses tan lines. Oh don’t I sound so attractive right now 🙂  and also your soul interest becomes tri-related. All I want to do is discuss equipment, Gu’s, whey powders and protein bars, personal best times and other races. And this done through sleep deprived eyes to other sleep deprived athletes…
So with that internal convo also comes the thrill of the adrenaline rush and endorphin fix. Que exercise addiction. Also que self appreciation and a heart so full of happiness and pride…tri-pride #trilife

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