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I wanted to see a dietitian mainly because I started to train more intensely and everyone was telling me that the diet was the key to see results.

I started training 1.5 years before I saw Kirby and I really started to see major changes after receiving my personalized meal plan from Kirby the changes were significant. The changes were not only on my body (becoming more defined, gaining muscles, …), but also on my level of energy. I am a lot less tired than I used to be.

The diet plan Kirby gave to me was really comprehensive. There are a lot of recipes and examples of portions, which allow you to modify the recipes/meals per day based on the macros needed for your type of body and objectives. When eating out, I can now apply my knowledge and I don’t need to feel guilty.

Also, I found the DNA test really helpful, it allowed the plan to be even more personalized to my needs/objectives. It was not easy at the beginning and I still struggle now and then, but the changes I have seen so far with Kirby, keeps me motivated to continue.
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Over the past few years I have strived to lead a healthy lifestyle, with my food choices being based around eating as many real foods as possible, and minimal processed and refined foods.

Despite my diet being healthy for the most part, I still  found that I still struggled in a few areas – such as afternoon slumps, sugar cravings, and low energy during certain times within the day.

After falling pregnant, I felt it would be a good idea to visit Alex Royal for a dietetics consultation, to help guide me on the optimum food choices during my pregnancy.

As the majority of my food choices were already healthy, I was very curious to see the assessment of my current diet, as couldn’t imagine what possible improvements could be made.

Wow did I have a lot to learn !!

While on the whole my food choices had been good, Alex highlighted so many interesting points regarding my current diet. From the excessive amount of fat I was eating each morning (I was shocked to hear how much fat I was consuming with my breakfast each morning, I had no idea), my very low calcium intake, and so much more.

Using my existing food choices and lifestyle – Alex helped adjust my current eating regime. Adjustments were made to my meals. From distributing my fat intake more evenly throughout the day, increasing of calcium, including protein & vegetables during certain times and so much more.

What a difference these seemingly simple changes made to my life !
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Alex is both patient and empathetic, which have always put me at ease while discussing my IBS with her. Asides from these skills, her experience and knowledge regarding digestive disorders are vast and she truly is a dietitian I trust and would refer others to.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Rene’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
I am really enjoying my diet – I eat oats in the mornings (mixed with water or fat free milk) and cinnamon … I love the cinnamon – never thought I would like it.

I have not had (or bought) a block of cheese, chocolates, crisps or chips at all! I just don’t feel like eating it anymore. I also don’t crave sweet things anymore! AND I have also not had any mayonnaise and I used to love it over baked potatoes! Now, no more!

Keep up the good work.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Bruce ‘ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
I met Alex through mutual training partners while preparing for my second Half Iron Man. Of my own volition I had been on the Banting diet for a few months by then and had lost a few kilos, but after some time had started to feel like I was slowing down physically and I just wasn’t getting lean. One day I eventually realised how silly it was that I had been strictly following a diet that I had only read about in a single book, when I actually had access to Alex, a professional who had several years’ experience in the field, who could personally assess and guide me. In our first appointment she took the time to understand my goals, eating habits, professional and social lifestyle, and exercise regime before building a meal plan that genuinely suited me. Throughout our interactions and follow-ups she has been an absolute professional. Her input has always been realistic and honest and I knew from the outset that anything personal that we discussed in her office was going to remain confidential, which was a critical part of our success so far. I look forward to our check-ins, even when I suspect that I might not have achieved all my goals in-between, because she understands that I’m a real person and that this is a journey.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Rob ‘ subtitle=’Athlete’ link=” linktext=”]
THANK YOU for the eating plan…. I used it for the first 6 months of last year and managed to drop down to about 96 kgs from 101 kg. I restarted the diet plan at the beginning of the new year (5 days in) and I have already dropped down to 93.6 kgs and I don’t plan on stopping!! target is 89.9!!

Just wanted to say thanks! The program is easy with plenty of food! Basically it just shows you that it’s all about constant healthy eating (no chips, cokes, chocolates and take-aways), lots of water and managing your portions to a ‘normal’ amount!!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Carla’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
For the last year, perhaps even longer, I have really battled with IBS. In fact I would say it was chronic and I was really starting to worry about colon cancer! I was just about to book for a colonoscopy when I decided to consult Alex and I am so glad I did! Alex helped identify all the wrong foods in my diet which were triggering the IBS and put together a very ‘easy to follow’ diet plan. The changes I have made are so sustainable and so effective in reducing the symptoms of IBS that I honestly feel like a whole new and much healthier person! Thank you Alex!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Diane’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Like all people, the last few kilograms are hard to kick but for Alex it was no feat at all. Alex gave me an ‘easy-to-follow’ eating plan based on the foods I love and digestive issues which helped me lose the weight within 2 weeks. Not only have I maintained it, I have also learnt which foods to eat together so I don’t put the weight back on! I was never hungry on the eating plan and didn’t crave all the bad foods because my diet didn’t spike or drop my sugar levels. It was a dream, the diet was so tasty and easy to do with my busy lifestyle and having to cook not only for myself but my partner too!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Rosy’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
I was having a really hard time managing my blood sugar levels, and would end up feeling super hungry and SUPER irritable every afternoon, without knowing why. My days are busy, so sticking to a complicated diet wasn’t going to work. Alex told me about the importance of maintaining a stable blood glucose level, and the eating plan she gave me has helped amazingly. The main thing for me is that I don’t end up starving and in a bad mood just about every afternoon! This has made a really big difference.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Nix’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
So simple and yet so powerful – I never imagined that such simple alterations could change my life!

Having lived with many food allergies and intolerances for the past 7 years, I have become somewhat of an expert on what not to eat (for me). For a long time, even though I was avoiding all my ‘bad’ foods, I was experiencing severe physical discomfort and I knew something was not right inside me, but I had no idea what could be the cause. I approached Alex for help and she was brilliant: completely professional and still personable and caring!

…Absolutely key for me is the solid foundation of nutrition knowledge, which I need for my own body, that she has taught me; something I was unable to learn from health magazines, websites and books.

At no point did I have to even attempt to try rigid ‘diets’; feel deprived; or even long for other foods. I feel that what I learned from her was health life-skills; how to eat and exercise in order to keep my personal system happy and well.

Almost a year has passed since Alex first helped me and I have easily applied her core lessons to my lifestyle and I have not suffered since! Of course, it is of great comfort knowing that true expert help is only an email consultation away, should I need it!

Thank you, Alex, words cannot express what a difference you have made to my life!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Marida ‘ subtitle='”On a diet her whole life”‘ link=” linktext=”]
You are brilliant at what you do.  I never thought I could lose weight so easily. I have lost 8kg in the 5 months since we started with my eating plan.  I already had to buy new jeans, and all my old clothes fit again!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Mike ‘ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]

I received my results from my Doctor regarding my cholesterol and it was fantastic – it is down to normal. Many thanks and appreciation for your sound guidance and assistance in this regard.

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I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Alex for being patient and being really involved in my weight loss journey!

She is so encouraging and doesn’t make you feel bad when you have “a cheat” rather she is understand and remind you about your weight goal in and really celebrate with you every success…

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