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Healthy Restaurant of Choice…

I have always loved Tamboerswinkel – a GORGEOUS little hole in the wall in Tamboerskloof.


The decor is amazing with the walls covered in shelves from floor to ceiling packed with trinkets, books, flowers and cool gadgety goodies. I walk in there are my eyes just take flight… so much to see and inspect. It’s the best.



Now besides that, the service is brilliant and everyone is so friendly and MOST importantly the food is EXCELLENT!!! Tamboerskloof

As a dietitan that practices what I preach, the menu suits my tastes to a Tee! You can choose from a variety of beautiful salads that get served in little antique tea cups, delish Rye and Sourdough rolls or bread filled with roast veg + basil pesto (my fav!!!!), grilled chicken and prego rolls. There are other options like Chicken Pie and Roast Chicken. And another bonus…all ingredients are fresh, free range and organic!

Tamboers-Winkel- food

So my Healthy Choice Option would be…number 1 the salads (chickpea / green bean / beetroot) DELISH…and number 2 the Roast Veg and basil pesto Rye Roll (hold the mozzarella if you are watching your weight or cholesterol). Both options are high in vitamins and low in fat…brilliant.

A MUST guys! I Love it more and more every time I go!

Check out their FB page or Tweet them @TamboersWinkel

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