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Summer’s here and my body needs to catch up

Hey Guys
I have woken up to the MOST incredible Saturday morning…And I have committed to running along the promenade with some mates…which I should be exceptionally excited for, but I am definitely the least fit person joining, so I am super nervous and I have a stitch just thinking about it! So it made me realise that I need to get my body into shape asap as summer has pounced very quickly!

This is the view I woke up to…yes a prom run sounds AWESOME!!! let’s just hope I don’t die!!! eeek

So this is my plan:

  1. Run my hardest today (nothing to eat before, just some tea…hoping the caffeine will help, to prevent a stitch)
  2. Run everyday! At least 5 k’s even on the tredmill to keep any ounce of fitness up
  3. Mix up the running with some resistance training
  4. Eat fresh and healthy food…if I shed some body fat I’ll be lighter and faster 🙂
  5. Train and focus up until the 14 OCTOBER – THE GUN RUN 21k’S!!!! EEEKEKEKEEEEK…slight freak out!
  6. Find some committed running mates who I’ve convinced to enter the half marathon with me and keep motivated together 🙂

So after my run I have already decided to eat healthily and will eat the Bircher’s Muesli at Cafe Neo. I have a divine recipe here (just scroll down), so check it out.

Have a great healthy Saturday!!


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