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Success Story – How Brendon ate his way to weight-loss

One of my dear clients, Brendon, has done superbly well on his diet plan. He lost a whopping 17kg! He shares the good, the bad and the ugly of the diet and his AMAZING transformation!
Alex: How much weight have you lost in total?

Brendon: I was 85kg at my heaviest just before I saw you…I am currently around 68-70kg (lets take the pre-holiday weight ūüėČ )

Alex: What was the most difficult part of the diet plan?

Brendon: The hardest part was learning to cut down on portion sizes, stopping eating constantly just for the sake of it as well as being disciplined to eat healthier when having/going out for dinner such as ordering salad or veg instead of chips with a burger/steak. Also being disciplined to maintain ones weight/eating plan once weight goal has been reached.

Alex: What was the easiest?

Brendon: The easiest part was watching the weight loss become consistent once the diet¬†plan had become routine. It was also great to see each week drop in pant size/belt notches.¬† Also once a certain amount of weight had been lost and the diet was able to be adjusted it was nice to start having cheat meals such as pizzas, cake etc…

Alex: Can you share some tips and give advice to others in your shoes, just starting the diet plan?

Brendon: In terms of any tips…don’t think that by going to dietitian you will be made to starve and not be allowed anything such as carbs, good bread etc…portion control is what I found to make the biggest difference. Try setting an end date/goal for trying to achieve the weight loss…as you know I wanted to lose weight for my sister’s wedding so I made this my goal. Further tips (excuse the essay) would just be to do things smartly and healthily and don’t try starve yourself¬† to reach your goal quicker.

 Keep it up Brendon!!! 
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