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Rookie Errors exposed

The trail run was awesome guys. 21ks of breath-taking views, waterfalls, steep green ravines and a forest to end off. 300 of us huddled around the start prepping for the long run ahead.

We set off in freezing weather and hit the 7km mark that greeted us with a 3km incline. Bum and calf burner for sure. At about 15Ks I decide that I need to “refuel” and hit the Jelly B’s and PB sarm (translation = jelly babies and Peanut Butter sarmie…Most things are abbreviated cos you’re a bit short of breath, just a tad). So while I’m munching and running, I finish my last bite, stoked with myself for multitasking on a mountain, I trip over a pebble on the flats and propel myself horizontally only to land on the landmine of pebbles and skid a couple of meters. WELL!!!!! I’m like “haha, oops, hahaha, no no keep running, I’m fine, haha, oopsie”. My red cheeks go scarlet from embarrassment so that I’m matching my pink and red camo buff. I clamber up and inspect my knee…ripped my compression gear to shreds and bleeding like a champion. It’s cool…I carry on. Nope, not so cool…so I have to stop for my first aid (phew thank you compulsory kit list).
And as I’m hobbling along I think dammit “ROOKIE ERROR”. And by this stage I had already picked up a couple….

NOT practicing what I preach! So I might have lied in my earlier post. I had two breakfasts. Future Life made with water and All Bran made with milk. I was hungry okay! So yes, the fibre and the lactose were not a good idea. I had stomach cramps at about 6 kms. SO do what I say not what I do. Stick to Future Life and just one bowl.

Buying cheap gear! My stooopid camelbak was only R270, they normally go for R600 up to R1500. And it literally sat to one side from about 11kms. Felt like it was on my left shoulder. And when you are approaching you third hour on a mountain you really want to feel comfortable with your stuff.

Putting your Jelly B’s and PB at the bottom of your pack 20130505-194017.jpg
Losing concentration while you eat and run. NEVER LOSE FOCUS! EVER!

Letting your running partner run ahead and say “I’ll catch up”. Because No, you won’t catch up.

Then I also have some good tips.
#1 Prep the night before and allow your OCD tendencies to show cos you want to be very organised. This includes organising a good breakfast including as many cups of tea or coffee to get that caffeine you need. 20130505-194500.jpg
#2 Eat a healthy dinner (carb and protein). I had Roast Veg, Chicken, Pea and Pesto Pasta. Never over eat and try stay away from cream / fat. Opt for tomato pasta sauces for example. Also drink lots of water and keep hydrated the day before
#3 Get into bed early
#4 Love the Buff – The multifunctional piece of material was created by a genius. You can use it around your neck to keep warm, put it over your forehead, protect you from the sun and wipe your face when you reapply suncream
#5 Have a PB sarmie handy – the carb, protein and fat is exactly what you need after the 1 hour mark.




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