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It’s all a Revolution

I haven’t written an inspirational post in quite a while. Life has been going…and going fast.
Work has been incredible. Clinical work has even growing in leaps and bounds. So much interesting data and studies on the rise. Private work has been equally amazing and revolutionary. I use this term firstly to describe how my clients lives change in front of my eyes. They often walk through my doors unhappy with their bodies, disoppointed that they have lost control and feel helpless. I am blessed that I have a profession that allows me to give them the tools to change this, to REVOLUTIONIZE this. They leave literally glowing. Shining with new found confidence. They thank me for the inspiration but I cannot be more grateful for the inspiration they have given me. Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating when I say I’m going to “work”…I’m just out helping my friends achieve body goals and self respect. I sound so cheesy but I don’t care. It’s true.

Secondly, I use the term revolutionary to describe the scientific shift that we find ourselves in. Prof Tim Noakes has helped shock our nation into understanding the danger of sugar and refined carbs. He has also urged those unhappy with their current diet to embark on the Banting diet. This is a fantastic way to achieve certain goals but it is not for everyone and should be done only if 100% committed. And I would suggest it be done under the supervision of a dietitian that appreciates TIm’s teachings.

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