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Reflecting on an incredible year

2016 has been a whirlwind of a year for the team at Alex Royal Dietetics. We have grown in every avenue and we have reached the goals that we had aimed for.

Our clients, are our number one priority and we can safely say that each one has excelled in health, wellness and life. Walking the path of health is such a magical journey and we are lucky enough to do it as a career. So a huge thank you to each of our very special clients who fill our offices with smiles and laughter.

We have expanded our minds and knowledge base. We have become nutrigenomic specialists, focusing on gene testing and how that impacts health and diet. The results have been mind blowing and have changed our practice and the way in which we see each client. To say that each client is unique cannot quantify the results and how different each plan and requirement is.

How gene testing can keep you healthy and trim

We have expanded our reach. We now practice from three offices. Kirby is full time at the Renaissance Body Science Institute in Bree Street. Alex moves between the Renaissance and CTG which is a world class centre of Nutrigenomics testing. We also have a room in a Holistic Oncology practice called the Hummingbird in Century City.

We have expanded our voices. We have featured in many magazine articles from Women’s Health, GQ, Longevity, The You Magazine and the

Online African Green Elements Magazine. We have also featured on radio shows and Espresso Live.

Alex featured in the You

As if expanding our client database, minds and location isn’t enough we have stretched our personal lives greatly! Kirby has morphed into a crossfitter and sports addict! Every so often she will hobble into the office and just say “Crossfit” and no more questions will be asked, but generally she is a machine-like athlete these days. On the other hand, Alex’s travels and triathlon days have waned to make space for a baby boy who will be gracing the world in June.

Kirby conquering mountains

After reflecting on 2016 we are filled with such gratitude for all the lives that we have touched and those who have touched us. Thank you for keeping us inspired as we aim to inspire you X

Have a wonderful Festive Season.

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