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Post Christmas Detox

We’re all in the same boat! Post Christmas guilt remembering all the chocolates, cookies…urgh I can’t even carry on listing…I’m still full and it’s Boxing Day night.
We all said it…”come on, it’s Christmas…just one more chocolate” or “it’s not Christmas without Quality Streets chocolates”! But if you feel like me then listen up…I want to get back on track. The full feeling just isn’t worth it. I love feeling good and “lighter”, right? Just me? Well if you’re on my frequency let’s do this together. Let’s focus on giving our bodies the absolute best.

The first thing I am doing is stocking my fridge:
– Fresh veggies for delish interesting salads packed with cool yummy things like artichokes, sundried tomatoes, pesto, roast veg, seeds
– Fresh summer fruits like watermelon, melon, pineapple, mango for early morning fruit salads

health nut snack
Secondly I want to try cool new recipes – couscous and feta wraps with Harissa dressing, quinoa and hazelnut dressing, beetroot and bean burgers….there are so many…ooh I’m excited
Thirdly, I want to try some nice fresh smoothies…my sister makes green smoothies with spinach, broccoli etc along with berries, yoghurt, banana…sounds terrible but they are amazing and packed with folic acid and vitamin C…nice one Kim.

Next I am focusing on exercising like a mo-of! (That’s my new saying BTW)… I want to do as many trail runs as I can with the clubs VOB, MATES and CRAG! I’m entering road races. The first being Bay to Bay, a 15km relay. This will be my longest road run. I have 11 days to train eeeek! I vouch to run every day and failing that to play squash, swim, gym or dare I say it, surf in CT’s ice cold shark infested water! Double eeeeeeek!
Okay…who’s with me!!!!????? It takes one step, saying yes and just doing this with me….COME ON WE CAN DO THIS!

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