Shelly Bowien, Registered Dietitian at Alex Royal Dietetics shares how to undo all your lazy lockdown eating habits and replace them with healthier ones.


Registered Dietitian Kirby Hendricks talks about lactose intolerance.

Registered Dietitian Kirby Hendricks talks about the misconceptions of protein.

YOU Magazine

Registered Dietitian Kirby Hendricks has been featured in the April issue of the You Magazine. Read tips to choose the best bread for you…

Wellness in the City

Registered Dietitian Alex Royal has been featured in the latest Wellness in the City post: TRAIL TIPS FOR TACKLING AFRICAN X. Here’s what she has to say about how your diet impacts your trail running…

YOU Magazine

Registered Dietitian Kirby Hendricks has been featured in the Feb issue of the You Magazine. Read the top ten tips on how to kick start your health..

Longevity Magazine

Registered Dietitian Kalsey Visser gives her input in Longevity’s recent ‘Lymphatic System: Your inner cleanser’ article. Kalsey highlights the importance of diet for a healthy lymphatic system.

Longevity Magazine

Registered Dietitians Kirby Hendricks and Kalsey Visser tackle the effects of lymph and kidney health, thyroid function and insulin resistance on aging.

FitLife Magazine

Registered Dietitian Kalsey Visser gives her opinion on the very popular Banting diet. Kalsey’s advice if you’re thinking of going the Banting route: “Have your genes tested first so you are able to determine if the Banting diet will be beneficial for you or not.”

Longevity Magazine

Alex Royal from the Centre of Translational Genomics and Alex Royal Dietetics, says: “DNA testing is such a powerful and effective tool. Clients who have been battling for years with weight issues will see results. As the results are revealed so much faster, they maintain a level of adherence.”

African Green Elements magazine

Registered Dietitian Alex Royal shares her views on supplements, tips for eating for fitness and what foods to stay away from when you on the go.

Huisgenoot: Verloor 5kg voor Kersfees

Registered Dietitian Kirby Hendricks gave us some great tips to help control those binges over the festive season.

Longevity Event: It’s Never Too Early Or Too Late To Improve Your Skin

Longevity and Avene hosted a fantastic workshop on Healthy Skin. Here is a clip where Alex gives you her top 3 skin care & nutrition tips.

Bodytec South Africa

“But Registered Dietitian Kirby Hendricks from Alex Royal Dietetics says that ‘coconut oil is primarily saturated fat (over 90%), with bulk of it coming from lauric acid, which is a medium chain saturated fatty acid (MCFA)’. She says that some argue that MCFA’S such as lauric acid, palmitic and myristic acids have a positive effect on the HDL (good cholesterol) and total cholesterol levels.:

Women’s Health Magazine

Superfoods are (ahem) super important these days. From avocados to chia seeds, they’re big in the smoothie business. But there are tons you didn’t even know existed! We found three of the strangest-sounding ones, and spoke to dietician Kirby Hendricks from Alex Royal Dietetics about these curious foods.

Afternoon Express Show

What do you eat to keep your skin looking beautiful? How do you boost your diet with all the vitamins and minerals to prevent wrinkles, redness and inflammation? Alex tells all….(24:00)

Interview on eTV

New research shows alcohol contains a hidden danger — high amounts of sugar. Experts say it could contribute to weight gain, increased blood-sugar levels and possibly heart disease. But it’s not all bad news…

GQ Magazine Article

With hoards of health-branded snacks out there that are really Trojan horses of sugar and fats, we get the skinny on snacking from Renaissance Body Science Institute’s pro dietitian, Alex Royal.

Interview with LiveLean

Hear what Dietitian Alex Royal has to say about the 13 Day Diet

Espresso Show

The  World Health Organisation released a report which stated that processed meats such as bacon, sausages and paloney can cause cancer? To help better understand the reality of the situation, here is what I had to say about that. – (26:30)

Longevity Magazine

Can Processed & Red Meat Cause Cancer? The Experts Weigh In…

“It is important to examine your source of processed and red meat and to opt for hormone-free, grass fed, free-range meats. The message is that we should find balance: limit the amount of processed meat in our diets and enhance a healthy, active lifestyle where weight is well managed, tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption is avoided. “

longevity magazine
health24 magazine article

Health 24 Article

The best breakfast to keep you sustained during the Ramadan fast

“Alex Royal of Alex Royal Dietetics  says if you fast you should focus on lean protein and healthy fats, which reduce the glycaemic index of meals. This means that glucose moves more slowly from the stomach into the bloodstream, thereby ensuring the body is fuelled slowly…”

Health check article piece

MyKitchen Magazine

Lauren Headaches September Health Check column in MyKitchen magazine.

Netwerk 24 Article

Volgens Alex Royal, ’n dieetkundige verbonde aan die Renaissance Body Science Institute in Kaapstad, behoort mense uit dié soort studies te leer, maar eerder by ’n gebalanseerde dieet te hou as om byvoorbeeld alle verwerkte vleis uit te sny.

“Die meeste studies soos hierdie kan nie alle faktore wat tot kanker lei in berekening bring nie en stel dit ook uitdruklik in hul bevindinge so,” het sy verduidelik.

netwerk24 article
GQ article

GQ Magazine Article

The Hangover Breakfast

“We know the feeling: Waking up and assessing the damage after one too many the night before. With the last lights on in our brain, food is the calling. Here’s your GQ guide to nursing your wounds, with snack advice from Renaissance Body Science Institute Dietitian Alex Royal.”