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Living on a cloud by the sea….

The dream I thought up when I was 16… My dream was to live in a beautiful house on the beach and to be able to surf all day…to surf like Kelly Slater, to swim like a dolphin, to have hair as shiny as a mermaid’s…really??? ummm ok, maybe not the last bit!

No I haven’t eaten ‘shrooms for breakfast 😉 Actually I woke up in a state today, late to meet a friend, I rushed out the house half dressed, clutching for my running shoes and bikini as I jumped into the car.

Anyway I got there just in time to join Tania for a gorgeous run on the beach. There is something very special about watching the sunrise and breathing in the fresh sea air, while the surf beckons. And it’s extra special to do that where you spent every waking moment with one of your favourite people in the world, who understands you and your passion for the ocean at the core.

After the endorphin rush of the run wore off, we jumped into our cozzies and had an AMAZING swim in the warm, clear water at one of the same beaches that we used to ‘cruise’ and where our love for the surf began. What a special and beautiful day! It brought me back to how much I love the beach and how happy it makes me. So all this waffling and crazy talk, is just to remind you to LIVE that dream, even if it includes living on a cloud by thesea…Enjoy your dreams <3


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