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How do you know when you are truly happy

Life on a Marshmallow

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You find yourself smiling spontaneously for no reason at all. Then you realize you are TRULY happy when this happens at 6.10am when you are driving to work in the pitch darkness in the pouring rain. To muster a genuine smile at this time, in this temperature, defies the boundaries of mere content and propels you into a new level of pure joy. 
But like everyone who wakes up and aims to tackle the day knows that sometimes the day can tackle you- onto the hard ground, into a head lock, with you wanting to wave the white flag of mercy. I have been there once or twice….
Then I decided to take control.Which in itself is empowering.
I decided to follow my dream and apply for an honours course in Dietetics. That took care of my career…and I have never once looked back.
But I also learnt that growing up, leaving the nest and fluffy down feathers of family, was tougher than ever expected.
Now this is your signal! It’s just a silent siren telling you that it is time to take control again…but how do you get out of the head lock? You blink away the tears and focus!
  • I woke up early every morning and put my iPod and running shoes on and hit the gym or the promenade. I set myself previously unobtainable goals. This included aiming to land my dream job that could challenge me every day, simultaneously opening up my practice and entering way-too-long runs with way-too-little-training.
  • I turned off the TV.
  • I filled my iPod with awesome songs.
  • I nourished my body, seeing it as my one and only temple and gift. I am grateful for my healthy body “from my toes the the tip of my nose” (my morning motto BTW) :)hence my passion for helping clients cherish their bodies and nourish themselves with healthiness!
  • I learnt to LOVE cooking (yes I am a dietitian but used to dislike cooking, I know I know, disgraceful). I ate truck loads of vegetables, fruit and legumes.
  • I loved my job and was humbled by my patients’ strength and touched by their words of kindness and gratitude.
  • I paid car guards R20 when I could and polished my halo when they called me an angel.
  • I cherished special relationships with my family and I treasured my friendships and their importance in my life. Each one building my foundation of strength.
While speeding up in life I slowed down in recognition- I noticed beautiful things in nature- from a cloud to a sunrise to the silhouette of table mountain in the morning. I saw a dolphin sighting as a gift. I loved exploring trails that few had ever tread across. I began listening to signs and realizing that nothing happens by coincidence. You just need to stop, observe and be guided.
Sometimes I think of my life as a bumpy car ride over a marshmallow. Or a rocky road consisting of a cloud – life with its trials and tribulations along a path constantly supported by amazing people and incredible spirit, strength and love!
So my message – Spread your incredibly strong wings of steel, face your gigantic goals, set off with the wind at your back and sprint into life head on. You may be bruised, injured and limping every now and then and yes your knees may be left scraped and bleeding but you are achieving greatness, conquering mountainous dreams and being truly happy for no real reason at all.
You might have scarred knees but you will find this a mere glitch when you notice your face is bright, even luminous with happiness. Hearing that your smile inspires others is the best gift imaginable.

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