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Kicking the sugar habit

Are you addicted to sugar? Has your sweet tooth taken over your life?

Here are some easy, quick things you can do to avoid this white powder of choice…

  1. Never allow yourself to get too hungry (hangry): When you starve yourself for too long, your blood sugar level dips leaving you scratching for refined sugary snacks to boost your sugar level back up. The trick is to eat small meals or snacks consistently to maintain a stable blood glucose.
  2. Drink sweet herbal teas: Fruit teas and rooibos blends are the best because they trick your mind to think that your addiction has been put to rest, but you are actually only giving your body the tannins that it thrives on.
  3. Eat enough protein: If you aren’t eating enough protein you start to crave! Everything, especially sugars. Rather snack on a boiled egg or cottage cheese and carrot sticks to supply your body with what it actually needs.
  4. Burn incense like vanilla and rose: This sweet smell works like the tea, tricking the brain to think that sweet tooth has been satisfied.
  5. Have sweet alternative snacks likes smoothies and date balls: see my recipes for these sugar free, guilt free recipes.

Give these 5 tricks a try and see how the addiction melts away.

Good Luck!

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