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Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge…no turning back now…

05h10. Wide awake after a mere 5.5 hours of broken sleep. Nerves mixed with excitement. Like a kid on Christmas. Only one that fears that she’ll discover Father Christmas isn’t real. Eeeek!

So I’ve checked the compulsory checklist…and I’m checking it twice. If I forget anything the nerves, 300 buck entry and 45 minute drive out to stellies would be a waste of energy because they won’t let you run. Dammit! Okay I think I have it all.

I have my space blanket, first aid kit, charged phone with emergency numbers, sunnies, peak, waterproof top, whistle, food (sweets and the good ol’ faithful PB sarmie) water….okay I’m going to stop listing now. Sounds like I’m going to war…all I need is an A.K and camo gear. Got the camo though. Just in pink….my compulsory buff (dah).


Okay so I’ve eaten future life, had a cuppa tea for the caffeine and a vita-thion.
Got a cuppa tea packed in a flask for the drive.


Still have to do my stretches and then I’m on my way. 21k trail, with a 1175m incline at 7k’s here I come. In the words of my wise dad…”you can dooooooo eeettttttt”!!!!!!

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