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Harvest of hope – a veg fest

My dear environmentally aware Neighbour, with her solar heater panels, recycling,vegetarian morals, organic fruit and veg eating habits and knowledge on everything green has inspired me to follow suit.

I have bought into the organic veggie option which I love love looooove and have to share with you all. Harvest of Hope is a group of unemployed ladies from the townships that are trained and given resources to produce their own veggies. The excess is packaged and delivered to people like me and my neighb. The veg are delivered to a central location once a week. For us it’s aldelphi center in Sea Point.


The vegetable box is full of DELISH organic veggies and can be for 2 or 4 people. I buy for 2 people and pay R73 and I battle to finish it at the end of the week. I find the great thing is that it exposes you to a variety of seasonal veg that you wouldn’t normally buy and you end up trying new recipes. The organic veg are chemical free and packed with nutrients. You will also get a little recipe print out with the box for a bit of inspiration. Oh and the veg are amazingly scrumptious!


Divine idea- Supporting ladies in need of jobs while you eat healthy and organically grown produce. You’ve got nothing to lose…
Soon I’ll be installing my solar heaters and walking around wearing moccasins ;)

Here are some recipes that I’ve made using the veg:
Carrot and cumin bean burger
Baked bean, butternut and cabbage curry
Broccoli and tomato fittata
Chickpea and spinach bake with a cinnamon carrot and butternut mash
Aubergine and butternut cakes
Buckwheat salad
Butternut cottage pie


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