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Be Green

Today is SUCH an important day! It effects everyone, every insect, leaf and beautiful element in nature! …OK it’s “HugACat day” (weird but true) but more importantly it is “World Environment Day”.

This day highlights how we can conserve our environment…which I am so passionate about as it effects everything around us on every level imaginable! So my goal today is to give you the tools – how can you help?

Eat wisely: 

  •  Be aware of your FISH choices: The sea is being completely over fished – leading to destruction of the most beautiful resource we have which obviously puts strain on the ecosystem and acts to lessen the fish supply to 70% of the world’s population that rely on fish as their staple protein source. See SASSI for the best fish choices.
  • Be a wise consumer – support businesses that have sustainability plans, use ecolabels, and invest in renewable energy. Woolies is a great example – more on their GBJ initiative! there’s so much happening in this regard so be aware.
  • Cut food waste – read expiry dates and plan meals ahead of time, if food is going off cook up a big batch of food and freeze it, give the food away if you know you won’t finish it before it expires
  • Grow your own veggies and herbs

Green UP!

  • Use less paper – rather rely on electronic files. Deforestation accounts for close to 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emission!!!!
  • Recycle! Google your local municipality or recycling company NOW…and save a tree 🙂
  • Try use your car less – car pool, use public transport, or even better walk or cycle…it’s healthier and saves petrol
  • Be water-wise! Turn off the tap when you’re not using it, wait until you have a full load to run your laundry or dishwasher, limit shower time, and don’t water your garden right after a rain or at midday
  • Be light on electricity! Turn off lights and unplug appliances when you aren’t using them (including cell phone chargers. Don’t heat your house when no one’s home.

Share this message with everyone you know! 

I hope that these easy steps become habit, if not so already…MAKE THE WORLD A GREENER PLACE. For more info see the World Environment Day website.

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