alex royal diet

Get strong bones and teeth


  • Have at least 2 glasses of low fat or fat free milk throughout the day – 1 with cereal or oats for breakfast and one spread out during the day in tea or coffee
  • Have a low fat plain yoghurt and almonds as a morning or afternoon snack
  • If you are lactose intolerant try soya milk and yoghurt and rice or almond milk as an alternative
  • Always try include green leafy vegetables at dinner time
  • If you have pilchards, mash the soft bones into the fish (omega 3 and calcium bomb 🙂 )
  • Get your Vitamin D dose right (5 minutes of sunshine and eat vit D sources – oily fish, eggs, liver, nuts, seeds, oils, fortified marge etc. Or consider a supplement. You need 200 – 400IU per day. This helps with the calcium absorption
  • Eat your calcium sources with oranges, guavas and other fruits high in Vitamin C
  • Do weight-bearing exercises such as walking, running and skipping which improves bone density
  • You can also visit me for a body composition assessment which includes bone mass.
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