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Get fit and Eat Healthy House

My Roomie, Bonnie, and I have dubbed our house – the “get fit & eat healthy house”!

This means that when you enter our home, the running shoes are laced up, you’re miraculously changed into Lycra gym tights and the lounge becomes an aerobics studio, pulsing to the “Get that body Beat Boy Beat Boy” music from the 90’s. Oh yeah…We are serious!  Also, if you dare bring chips, chocolate or anything sweet into the kitchen it will be engulfed in flames within seconds!

OK OK, I exaggerate slightly! Our house is still safe and we haven’t lost the plot…But…

We aim to run or gym every day and our main goal is to eat SUUUUPER HEALTHY, but obviously amazing delish food 😉

So our first dinner was attempted very successfully by Bonnie! She made amazing Chickpea and sweet potato cakes and a fresh beetroot and asparagus salad! Check out the Recipes and photos! This meal is very low in fat, high in soluble fibre and packed with B-vitamins and vitamin A, to give you energy and keep you GLOWING!!! And very importantly it is a quick and easy recipe that you can throw together after gym.

Keep posted for more recipes from the “Get Fit & Eat Healthy” duo…we’ll let you know how it goes!

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