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Fueling the Fire…Post-event Recovery Nutrition

Post-event nutrition is a sensitive science that you really need to focus on.  If done correctly it can:

  1. provide the muscles with building blocks to develop.
  2. Allows the glycogen stores (Carb stores) to replenish. This is the energy supply that you need for overall recovery, for the next race and to prevent muscles being “eaten up” for energy.

So immediately after the race ensure that you eat the correct balance of food…

  • 1-1.5 g/kg Carb
  • 12 – 24g Protein

So using me as an example again, the 60kgs that I am, requires 60 – 90 g Carbs and about 15 – 24g Protein. So this is what I would grab after a race:

  • Yogisip (300ml Danone Strawberry): 42g carb and 7g Protein
  • Woolies HP snack bar (Almond, Apple, Vanilla with yoghurt): 19.44g carb and 20g Protein

See how this suits you…your muscles will definitely be happy!


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