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Fat Free Lifestyle…HELLO

Guys, I went for my Vitality Health Check and it confirmed my fear…my damn cholesterol is HIGH!!! I have had it checked many times before but today it was the highest it’s been! However I have had a full lipogram done before and it is the good “HDL” one that is super high, which makes sense because I eat loads of unsaturated fats (nuts blah blah) which would push up the overall reading! However losing points on my poor cholesterol reading really deflates the ego of a Dietitian who “Practices what she Preaches”. So I will be booking another full Lipogrm ASAP. I will keep you updated.

This aside, I am still very aware of Low fat diets and Low fat or Fat Free cooking and baking. So this weekend I have been super busy cooking and baking…I have just posted the recipes, so have a look and give it a try!!

carot cake

Fat free diet-  HELLOOOOO, let’s do this!

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