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Everyone needs a bit of inspiration sometimes…


Everyone has those days where everything that you want to go right goes so left (!) that you look up and go ” really…You wanna hit me with this too?”

Trust me we’ve all been there…And these are the times when you really need to hold onto the happy good things in life:

  1. Believe that no matter how hard things seem you will emerge much stronger than you have ever been.
  2. Hold onto your friends and family. They will touch your heart, if you give them a chance! Mine have been there for me like I never expected…from a hug to a cup of tea to a huge night out to a quick message… friends and family will bring the light back!
  3. Enjoy every little, beautiful thing in life…there are so many, you just have to wake up to them. The sunshine, the sunset, a beautiful day, a mountain, a swim in the sea, a hug….(I can go on for ages)
  4. Go for a surf…nothing in the world is better
  5. Listen to your favourite song (on repeat of course) and sing along, no matter who’s listening! But even better, find a friend just as crazy as you to sing too 😉
  6. Dance madly
  7. Be creative and let your heart’s light shine so that it blinds people with your brilliance…we all have it in us!
  8. Live a brave life…big risks and even greater rewards (sometimes…the jury’s still out on this one….but it’s worth mentioning 😉 )
  9. Cook a new meal
  10. Try a new wine
  11. Meet a new person a day
  12. Fill your house with gorgeous flowers…”life’s too short to wait for boys to buy them for you” 😉 (stole that one from another girl buying flowers at the market, who “claimed” that she never buys for herself and had to justify her purchase…while I stood behind her with my arms full of 3 bunches hahahahaha)
  13. Travel the WORLD with your bikini and surfboard
  14. The sun will rise…be it along the path you chose, the path you had decided on and planned or a different path…unknown and scary. But surely if your heart shines then any path, as dark and scary as it may be, will be lighter due to your radiance!
BAM!!!! Now face the world with this behind you!
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