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Easy Daily Tips to Boost Immunity and Prevent Flu and Colds

Never underestimate the importance of good nutrition to boost your immune system.

The best way to get all the vitamins and nutrients into your system is through juicing and smoothies, eating a wide variety of vegetables, that are fresh and organic, and boosting your body with the supplements that you might need.

Boost your vitamin C intake – that is the obvious one. All your orange and red veggies are the best for this one. Include guava and peppers especially.

Vitamin D is incredible for immunity – get safe sunlight and potentially take a vitamin D supplement. I take one religiously.

Zinc – eat shellfish, seafood and nuts to get this little mineral.

Omega 3’s prevent inflammation – oily fish DAILY! Otherwise a supplement is on the cards!

Garlic has been shown to be an antifungal and natural antibiotic. So add this where you can.

Probiotics are FANTASTIC for immunity – drink kefir or kombucha and try some sauerkraut. Otherwise, again, get yourself a top quality Probiotic.

Keep warm and eat your oranges (and garlic, and kefir, and peppers, and sardines… you get the drift 😉



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