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How can DNA testing help you reach your ideal body goal?

Choosing a diet can be frustrating. Especially when you feel like you’ve tried them all and have not seen the results you’ve always hoped for. Whether it be low carb, high fat, high protein, Mediterranean… the list goes on and on! The answer lies in your DNA….and we can help you.

We do DNA tests at our practice. It is a cheek swab and takes 5 minutes. You will get your results in 2 weeks. It tells you about eating behaviour, metabolism, fat and carb metabolism and exercise responsiveness. This guides your diet plan to make it effective and sustainable.

What does the DNA Diet test tell you: 
– Which diet type is best for you (low carb, low fat, mediterranean)
– If you require snacks or not
– If you crave sugar or can be classified as a sweet tooth as opposed  to a sugar addict
– How much exercise you should do per week
– and much more!

The cost of the DNA Diet test is R1625, excluding the consultation fee.

(The consultation price can be claimed through Medical Aid).

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