Hop onto the trails

Okay so you want to get fit but you find road running incredibly boring and monotonous…..now jump to trail running. Picture hiking trails, single tracks, jeep tracks, mountain ranges, forests, deserts and coastal bush. This can be your afternoon playground… Find a like minded runner, or a naive clueless victim that can be easily convinced […]

Pushing the Limits

So what goes through your mind when you hit the wall 21km into a steep 35km trail run? Or when you are SUPing around Greenland fighting off polar bears? Or running in an icy hail storm? Besides the “holy shit, what am I doing?” / “who signed me up for this” / “I’m too tired […]

Stop cravings – dull that piercing alarm!

Cravings are the route of all evil! Slightly dramatic but they really do cause harm- to your self discipline, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, bikini ready bod and hence self confidence. So this post is quite important in my eyes. So lets get your diet on track by cutting out a huge distraction, the dreaded […]

Harvest of hope – a veg fest

My dear environmentally aware Neighbour, with her solar heater panels, recycling,vegetarian morals, organic fruit and veg eating habits and knowledge on everything green has inspired me to follow suit. I have bought into the organic veggie option which I love love looooove and have to share with you all. Harvest of Hope is a group […]