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The Banting Round Up- My opinion

My opinion My opinion
For me personally, I have really enjoyed my version. I love the meals I eat and the nuts I snack on. My energy is fine, weight stable, wallet balanced and cholesterol down. Because my cholesterol is low I can fall off the wagon once in a while and endulge in a bit of starch, unlike if I was doing full banting. So this makes it easier socially.

For the general public-YES to cutting out sugar, refined starch, processed and convenience foods. Wonderful work Tim! I also agree that gluten and wheat could cause issues to some people. So another bonus.

UNSURE on how easy it is to adhere to considering social circumstances and temptation.
WORRIED about the high amount of protein associated with higher fat options. What are the effects on the organs? Cancer effects if not free range or organic? Also, cutting down on fibre and certain micronutrients like B vitamins and calcium in fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains, not great at all. VERY WORRRIED that people are “doing certain parts of the diet” and cheating with carbs. Double whamming it on this front is going to cause havoc to heart health.

If done correctly this diet can work however you should definitely speak to a dietitian to guide you.
I would suggest my version (or something along those lines) to my clients which reflects similar principles to a low carb Mediterranean diet. I think this may be a better option especially in the long term.

Happy eating 🙂


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