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New You Program

2019 – Your Year to Thrive This is going to be a detox, challenge and health program all in one. ? Our aim is to help you identify your health goals and support you along that path with a diet plan, motivational tips, recipes and a support group ?It can be quite tough to make […]

“Pregnancy Bites” – Nutrition tips for expectant moms

Being pregnant has been the most humbling, grounding, incredible experience. Yes, it bites (hard) sometimes, but it is equally as amazing. Pregnancy nutrition is such an important topic that we don’t emphasise enough. To start, I found pregnancy a tough road, laced with morning sickness, fatigue, discomfort and, surprisingly, anxiety (paralysing anxiety) of the upcoming […]

The missing piece in YOUR puzzle – gene testing

To all my clients interested in DNA testing or those who have already done some testing – We invite you and your family, friends, interested minds-alike to join us at the CTG talk on genes, entitled The missing piece in YOUR puzzle. This is being organised by CTG (the Center of Translational Genomics). What to […]

Preggi Alex shares some nuggets on eating for two…

When you hear the news that you are carrying another little soul in your tummy you may be overwhelmed with happiness, joy, sometimes shock and fear (don’t worry its natural) and more often than not a wave of nausea which doesn’t cease until week 12! Now, the first thing that you do is googlize how to eat […]

Reflecting on an incredible year

2016 has been a whirlwind of a year for the team at Alex Royal Dietetics. We have grown in every avenue and we have reached the goals that we had aimed for. Our clients, are our number one priority and we can safely say that each one has excelled in health, wellness and life. Walking […]

How can DNA testing help you reach your ideal body goal?

Choosing a diet can be frustrating. Especially when you feel like you’ve tried them all and have not seen the results you’ve always hoped for. Whether it be low carb, high fat, high protein, Mediterranean… the list goes on and on! The answer lies in your DNA….and we can help you. We do DNA tests at our practice. […]