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Get Fit and Eat Healthy Part 2

So the one side of the duo has kinda let the team down…that’s me! I have been a bit busy so I haven’t managed to run and gym every day this week as I had planned ! I say this while Bonnie is at gym and I’m sitting in front of my laptop! Not ideal! I also say this thinking how cozy it is to snuggle on the couch! BUT I can’t let down the team! SO if you are feeling a bit lazy like me…just suck it up and get off the couch and go to gym! If I have to do it, so do you!

Also the one side of the duo, Bonnie obviously, has made another AMAZING dinner, Quinoa salad with pear, spinach, rocket and chickpeas ! This one is a great recipe for vegetarians as the quinoa is packed with protein.

Enjoy xxxx And go to gym 😉

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