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Nuts about Nutrition

Just in case you missed this article on the Mommy Matters website, here are some interesting tips to help Mom’s ensure healthy nutrition for their kiddies…

Nuts about nutrition…10 steps to healthy nutrition for kiddies

This goes without saying – ensuring a child has the correct nutrition for growth and health is vital. Not only is it important now, but providing the correct food at a young age instils healthy habits which your child will carry with them for a healthy and happy future.

So let’s focus on instilling these healthy habits using the tips below:

  1. Mix it up: offer your child different and new foods, even if it’s just a bite. This will help them develop a variety of food preferences
  2. Never force feed your child: this will only cause an aversion to those foods, as they associate it with punishment
  3. Healthy stash: stock your cupboards and fridge with healthy foods such as fruit, veggies (washed, chopped and ready to much) and yoghurt
  4. Cut the salt: you do not need to add salt to foods. Rather start your child on a good foot – prevent using salt to reduce the risk for high blood pressure later on in life. Remember salty foods become a preference when your taste buds get used to the saltiness
  5. Avoid sugar and bad fats: sweets, chocolates, chips and biscuits should be limited to once a week. Also don’t make a fuss about eating these luxury foods – try be neutral.
  6. Be a clever (sneaky) chef: often children don’t want to eat fruits and veggies – Disguise them in juices, smoothies, soups and stews
  7. Alter cooking methods (for example mash or grill sweet potatoes) to keep meals fun and interesting
  8. Drop the “clean plate” rule: don’t force your child to finish the whole plate of food if they are too full. This will help them develop satiety cues, to prevent overeating
  9. Instil routine: follow a regular diet pattern (3 meals and 2-3 snacks)
  10. Be a great role model: fill your plate with healthy greens, snack on fruit, eat lean proteins and whole-grains
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