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Health Plan crash and burn

I really started off with such high hopes of healthiness. I had such good intentions…but to be honest I slipped a bit 🙁 Actually a lot!!!

The good news was:

  1. I ran the 7k promenade run. I didn’t get the stitch that i feared I would and I didn’t hold back the pack! Woohooo, high-five me!
  2. I had a healthy post-run breakfast of oats made with fat-free milk, oat bran, walnuts and flavoured with cinnamon. So it was high in soluble fibre to help keep my cholesterol in check and to sustain my glucose level, omega 3 precursors and protein.

SO I was on a great healthy track…until I went to a friend’s Pizza Party…hence,




The bad news was:

  1. I ate too much pizza and guzzled down delish cheese cake before I could even blink!

The intermediate news (meaning the good news relative to how bad I was):

  1. I brought super healthy toppings for my pizza: Cherry tomatoes, roasted butternut and courgette, rocket and tomato chilli jam and I only used a teeenny tiny bit of mozzarella. And believe it or not everyone liked my “healthy” / “veggie” creation, including the boys.
  2. I avoided wine and beer and stuck to fruit juice with lots of ice and water to dilute the sugary-ness.


As you can see, I over indulged! So if you find yourself in the same boat as me, don’t feel despondent! Jump straight back onto the health-wagon and make plans to exercise tomorrow. Stock your fridge with healthy food (see the shopping list that I posted previously below) and eat Delish and Healthy Fresh meals!

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