alex royal diet

10 tips to lose kilo’s

A few changes here and there can cut calories and boost your health!!!

Here are 10 simple steps to get you slim and healthy…

  1. Eat fresh fruit as a snack
  2. Opt for fat-free or low fat milk and yoghurt
  3. Grill, never fry
  4. Trim fat off meat and cut the skin off chicken before cooking
  5. Keep salad dressing on the side
  6. Have low fat choc-chip yoghurt instead of puddings after dinner
  7. Always eat breakfast
  8. Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks each day
  9. Drink water instead of juices and sodas
  10. Avoid butter and marge – rather use fat free cottage cheese, hummus or pesto

Have a healthy week…

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