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Alex Royal

About alex

Alex is a Registered Dietitian known for her innovative work in business and novel approach in the field of nutrition. Her clinical and private practice work is anchored in nutrigenomics and DNA testing and encompasses a functional medicine approach.
Over the years she has authored the book “Genes to Plate” which focuses on linking ones genotype with food, dietary principles and recipes that best suit their health. The book is one of a kind and endorsed by several credible scientists in the field.
She has also co-founded two successful businesses that have had large, positive impacts on people’s health. The first being an individualised, tech-based meal delivery business named “Daily Dietitian” and the second being a group of online programs, named “Thrive Wellness” that embody the latest science in the fields of detoxification, longevity and overarching health.

Shelly Bowien

About shelly

Shelly is a true foodie – she loves cooking, creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen.

What Shelly has to say:“I have a great passion for nutrition and dietetics and I firmly believe that your body thanks you when you nourish it in the right way. “Right” means different things for different people, and individualisation is my primary goal. I have special interests in clinical nutrition, chronic diseases, IBS and gut health, weight loss, paediatrics and nutrigenomics.

I am forever looking for new research to be the best dietitian I can possibly be. My dream is to help patients reach their goals, no matter how big or small. I want to hold their hand on their journey with food – taking all aspects of health into consideration.”

My main aim is to ensure that my clients are feeling happy and healthy! I want to empower my clients through providing accurate and practical nutrition advice as well as constant guidance.

Maryke Gallagher

About maryke

Maryke Gallagher is a registered dietitian nutritionist with 17 years of combined experience in private practice, research, lecturing, and consulting to the industry. She has a personalised, holistic, and evidence-based approach to nutrition therapy using functional nutrition principles.

She believes in preventative nutrition practices that address key cellular functions and systems to help the body function optimally, as well as manage chronic disease. Providing patients with practical guidance to nutrition and lifestyle changes is important to achieve lasting results.

Maryke is a mom to 3 young children. She is a keen trail runner and mountain biker. BC (before children) her idea of fun was mountain bike stage races like the JoBergC and AbsaCapeEpic.
My areas of interest include: Nutritional genomics; Digestive Health and the role of gut microbiota in the management and development of disease; the management of digestive disorders (including functional bowel disorder, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiacs and lactose intolerance); Nutrition in the life cycle (pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant nutrition); Female health; Disease of Lifestyle (insulin resistance, PCOS, diabetes, cancer); Weight management; Wellness; Sports Nutrition.


Welcome to the start of your health journey.


A 1-on-1 assessment & a personalised diet plan to kick start your health & weight loss.


We offer an online assessment to individualise your diet plan.


DNA testing and advice on functional testing.


Group Sessions
Educational Talks/Lectures
Commercial Counseling

Hear what others have to say...

Hear it from others:

I tested my DNA with the team and was absolutely blown away by the power of the information. They sorted me out with an action plan, including easy to follow steps. I highly recommend the testing with this knowledgeable team. 


I recently tested my son’s DNA through Alex. He was battling with terrible anxiety and depression. I am so pleased to say that he is a new child and very happy and calm since implementing all the changes from the DNA test. 


“I am really enjoying my diet – I eat oats in the mornings (mixed with water or fat free milk) and cinnamon … I love the cinnamon – never thought I would like it.

I have not had (or bought) a block of cheese, chocolates, crisps or chips at all! I just don’t feel like eating it anymore. I also don’t crave sweet things anymore! AND I have also not had any mayonnaise and I used to love it over baked potatoes! Now, no more! “


“Her input has always been realistic and honest and I knew from the outset that anything personal that we discussed in her office was going to remain confidential, which was a critical part of our success so far.

I look forward to our check-ins, even when I suspect that I might not have achieved all my goals in-between, because she understands that I’m a real person and that this is a journey. “


“The diet plan Alex gave to me was really comprehensive. There are a lot of recipes and examples of portions, which allow you to modify the recipes/meals per day based on the macros needed for your type of body and objectives. When eating out, I can now apply my knowledge and I don’t need to feel guilty. “


“Using my existing food choices and lifestyle – Alex helped adjust my current eating regime. Adjustments were made to my meals. From distributing my fat intake more evenly throughout the day, increasing of calcium, including protein & vegetables during certain times and so much more. “


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