Banting 101- know the basics…

Banting (aka the Tim Noakes Diet)  comes with some health benefits…HOWEVER this is only true if you do it CORRECTLY. If you do it half-heartedly you will be increasing your cholesterol and blood sugar, and even gain weight- all of which will drastically put your health at risk. So here is a list of the […]

Banting Diaries Updated

The past month has been exceptionally exciting from a personal and professional point of view. I have been my own subject in this trial. It all stated with Tim Noakes when he shook the nutrition world…”saturated fat and cholesterol are not the enemy and weight loss and health can be achieved by eating animal fats”.. […]

Banting diaries

Eggs, almonds, salmon, avo, seeds, broccoli….. So many almonds 🙂 So how has the passed month of Royal-Banting been? The pros: I get to eat lots of almonds I’m much less bloated CHOLESTEROL- biggest bonus is my cholesterol has practically halved….now be careful here…this is associated with the ROYAL BANTING aspects which I will explain […]

The Banting Dietitian

If you are a first time visitor here I will need to fill you in on what my other faithful readers already know- I am a dietitian. I am as passionate about sport and exercise as I am about a healthy lifestyle, medicine and nutrition. I dabble in endurance sport, having done many half marathons, long […]

It’s all a Revolution

I haven’t written an inspirational post in quite a while. Life has been going…and going fast. Work has been incredible. Clinical work has even growing in leaps and bounds. So much interesting data and studies on the rise. Private work has been equally amazing and revolutionary. I use this term firstly to describe how my […]