Low Carb Breakfast Wrap to start off Diabetes Month

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes or you are pre-diabetic and you need to make radical changes in your current diet – this low carb breakfast wrap is a filling, veggie-loaded option that promises to hit the spot without spiking your glucose levels. Low Carb Breakfast Wrap (Serves 1) Ingredients: 3 large eggs, free-range […]

World Egg Day calls for celebratory Shakshuka

Yes it’s Friday the 13th but this recipe is foolproof! No broken egg yolks here (we hope!). It makes me so happy that we have a whole day dedicated to the humble egg – so versatile, affordable and nutritious. Eggs often get a bad rep for being too high in fat or cholesterol and yes, […]

Kicking the sugar habit

Are you addicted to sugar? Has your sweet tooth taken over your life? Here are some easy, quick things you can do to avoid this white powder of choice… Never allow yourself to get too hungry (hangry): When you starve yourself for too long, your blood sugar level dips leaving you scratching for refined sugary […]

The Banting Round Up- My opinion

My opinion For me personally, I have really enjoyed my version. I love the meals I eat and the nuts I snack on. My energy is fine, weight stable, wallet balanced and cholesterol down. Because my cholesterol is low I can fall off the wagon once in a while and endulge in a bit of […]

The Banting Round Up 2

General health Great- no problems. I have been a bit tired lately but that is probably from overworking and under sleeping. My great news is that I have been less bloated and my cholesterol dropped amazingly! Yay! But this is definitely based on the unsaturated fats. Most people doing real banting have the opposite effect […]

The Banting Round Up 1

As you all know I have been giving the Royal Banting a whirl, as a sneaky Banting (aka Tim Noakes diet) taster. Two months in and this is what I have to say….. My aim- to give my clients a subjective opinion on this type of diet. My version- the Royal Banting- low carb (100g […]