Success Story- Ismail shares his journey to weight loss

One of my most determined and motivated clients, Ismail, has done exceptionally in his weight loss journey following his meal plan, losing 47kg. He shares his journey and what he has learnt through this amazing and inspiring transformation!


Kirby: How much weight have you lost in total?

Ismail: I was at 164kg, my heaviest just before I came to see you. I am currently around 117kg and my aim is to get into the double figures soon.

Kirby: What was the most difficult part of the diet plan?

Ismail: When I came to you I was in the process of doing some soul searching and trying to understand where I wanted to be in terms of my weight. The difficult part was realizing what my bad habits were and sometimes still are, and to understand what the food does for me and to me. With the help of the consultations and knowledgeable advice you gave me – I started to understand the situation I was in and I could then reflect seriously on what I wanted from my life. The difficult parts were removing the years of bad eating habits and changing it into a healthier way of eating, this is still a learning curve for me. The discipline in learning how to cook nutritious meals for myself was key in breaking those old bad habits. I always remind myself to have more veggies and salad and to start filling my plate with those first! I found it difficult in the beginning to get into a regular routine of exercise and to maintain the momentum of working on my weight, staying on a good eating plan, and working on my emotional self in order to attain my goals.

Kirby: What was the easiest?

Ismail: The easiest part was coming to my consultations and feeling relaxed and knowing that this is my journey to many little goals during my weight loss.

Kirby: Can you share some tips and give advice to others in your shoes, just starting the diet plan?

Ismail: Sometimes the road ahead seems like a mountain, but by taking it one day and one meal at a time, is the first healing steps. Get to know yourself and to love yourself and make little changes to improve your health and weight.

Keep it up Ismail !!!










Success Story – How Brendon ate his way to weight-loss

One of my dear clients, Brendon, has done superbly well on his diet plan. He lost a whopping 17kg! He shares the good, the bad and the ugly of the diet and his AMAZING transformation!
Alex: How much weight have you lost in total?

Brendon: I was 85kg at my heaviest just before I saw you…I am currently around 68-70kg (lets take the pre-holiday weight 😉 )

Alex: What was the most difficult part of the diet plan?

Brendon: The hardest part was learning to cut down on portion sizes, stopping eating constantly just for the sake of it as well as being disciplined to eat healthier when having/going out for dinner such as ordering salad or veg instead of chips with a burger/steak. Also being disciplined to maintain ones weight/eating plan once weight goal has been reached.

Alex: What was the easiest?

Brendon: The easiest part was watching the weight loss become consistent once the diet plan had become routine. It was also great to see each week drop in pant size/belt notches.  Also once a certain amount of weight had been lost and the diet was able to be adjusted it was nice to start having cheat meals such as pizzas, cake etc…

Alex: Can you share some tips and give advice to others in your shoes, just starting the diet plan?

Brendon: In terms of any tips…don’t think that by going to dietitian you will be made to starve and not be allowed anything such as carbs, good bread etc…portion control is what I found to make the biggest difference. Try setting an end date/goal for trying to achieve the weight loss…as you know I wanted to lose weight for my sister’s wedding so I made this my goal. Further tips (excuse the essay) would just be to do things smartly and healthily and don’t try starve yourself  to reach your goal quicker.

 Keep it up Brendon!!! 
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Hi Alex, thanks for making me thin, Darryl likes me this way!

Darryl Alexander

Thanks for the eating plan, I’ve lost 7 kilo’s thus far and feeling great!