Healthy Restaurant of Choice…

I have always loved Tamboerswinkel – a GORGEOUS little hole in the wall in Tamboerskloof.


The decor is amazing with the walls covered in shelves from floor to ceiling packed with trinkets, books, flowers and cool gadgety goodies. I walk in there are my eyes just take flight… so much to see and inspect. It’s the best.



Now besides that, the service is brilliant and everyone is so friendly and MOST importantly the food is EXCELLENT!!! Tamboerskloof

As a dietitan that practices what I preach, the menu suits my tastes to a Tee! You can choose from a variety of beautiful salads that get served in little antique tea cups, delish Rye and Sourdough rolls or bread filled with roast veg + basil pesto (my fav!!!!), grilled chicken and prego rolls. There are other options like Chicken Pie and Roast Chicken. And another bonus…all ingredients are fresh, free range and organic!

Tamboers-Winkel- food

So my Healthy Choice Option would be…number 1 the salads (chickpea / green bean / beetroot) DELISH…and number 2 the Roast Veg and basil pesto Rye Roll (hold the mozzarella if you are watching your weight or cholesterol). Both options are high in vitamins and low in fat…brilliant.

A MUST guys! I Love it more and more every time I go!

Check out their FB page http://www.facebook.com/Tamboerswinkel or Tweet them @TamboersWinkel

Stop cravings – dull that piercing alarm!

Cravings are the route of all evil! Slightly dramatic but they really do cause harm- to your self discipline, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, bikini ready bod and hence self confidence. So this post is quite important in my eyes. So lets get your diet on track by cutting out a huge distraction, the dreaded craving.

What causes a craving? 
That niggling desire to nibble on something sweet can be brought on by low blood sugar triggering a response in the brain which we read as an overwhelming alarm begging for sweets or chocolate or whatever your vice may be. This is caused by several diet fopars .
1. Skipping meals, especially breakfast. Golden rule – never skip breakfast, ever! Your body is running on empty and you will find yourself clawing at the office canteen fridge or vending machine by 10 o’clock trying to appease that alarm in your head. Skipping any other meal also has a similar result.
2. Not snacking enough. It is important to keep your metabolism in top shape by eating every 3 hours. If you skip a snack your blood sugar may dip.
3. Eating the incorrect foods. If you eat refined starches such as white bread, sugar, chocolates etc your body is flooded with sugar. This causes a steep spike in your insulin level resulting in a rush of sugar into your tissues and muscles, causing your blood sugar to plummet. Once again setting off that dreaded alarm.
4. Eating an unbalance diet. If you don’t eat enough protein for example your body won’t feel as satisfied. Protein has a great effect on insulin levels which would dull the alarm bell.
5. Lacking vitamins and minerals. When your body is deficient you might have a specific craving for foods containing that nutrient. For example when your diet and body stores are low in calcium you might find yourself reaching for milk or yoghurt. This is great unless the alarm is alerted while cheese, milkshakes or ice cream are in arms reach.
So I want to help you dull this alarm bell to a vague hum or hopefully absolute silence.
This is more simple than expected. All you have to do is focus on the following steps:
1. Never skip a meal
2. Snack every 3 hours
3. Eat high fibre complex starches like whole grains and make sure every meal contains a lean or veg-based protein.
4. Steer clear of sugary foods and beverages
5. Follow a healthy diet – 2 fruits, 3 veg, 2 dairy servings every day

Silence the alarm, eat well, look beautiful and feel awesome….got it? Get it? Good!


Harvest of hope – a veg fest

My dear environmentally aware Neighbour, with her solar heater panels, recycling,vegetarian morals, organic fruit and veg eating habits and knowledge on everything green has inspired me to follow suit.

I have bought into the organic veggie option which I love love looooove and have to share with you all. Harvest of Hope is a group of unemployed ladies from the townships that are trained and given resources to produce their own veggies. The excess is packaged and delivered to people like me and my neighb. The veg are delivered to a central location once a week. For us it’s aldelphi center in Sea Point.


The vegetable box is full of DELISH organic veggies and can be for 2 or 4 people. I buy for 2 people and pay R73 and I battle to finish it at the end of the week. I find the great thing is that it exposes you to a variety of seasonal veg that you wouldn’t normally buy and you end up trying new recipes. The organic veg are chemical free and packed with nutrients. You will also get a little recipe print out with the box for a bit of inspiration. Oh and the veg are amazingly scrumptious!


Divine idea- Supporting ladies in need of jobs while you eat healthy and organically grown produce. You’ve got nothing to lose…
Soon I’ll be installing my solar heaters and walking around wearing moccasins ;)
Check out HARVEST OF HOPE http://harvestofhope.co.za/

Here are some recipes that I’ve made using the veg:
Carrot and cumin bean burger
Baked bean, butternut and cabbage curry
Broccoli and tomato fittata
Chickpea and spinach bake with a cinnamon carrot and butternut mash
Aubergine and butternut cakes
Buckwheat salad
Butternut cottage pie