“The Year of The Body”

As they say the problem with New Years Resolutions is trying to keep them! We all start the fresh year off with high hopes,  enthusiastically  declaring that this is The Year! Most people start off committing to “The Year Of the Body” (as my friend announced on New Year’s Eve – LOVE IT)! This would […]

Fuel for the Fire….Sports Nutrition tried and tested

This is a HUGE break through for me – I have ticked one of my “New Years Revolution” boxes!!!! I have started running a whole lot more seriously! I have been doing races from bay to bay, through forests, along mountain contours, up monster hills and I love it! It’s the adrenaline rush and the […]

Fueling the Fire…Event Day Nutrition

So you wake up at 5.45am to get to the race extra-early because you missed the online entries. And you’re a tad nervous, butterflies in your tummy, it’s so early that food is the last thing on your mind. But it is important that you try to train your body to eat, even a small […]

Fueling the Fire…Post-event Recovery Nutrition

Post-event nutrition is a sensitive science that you really need to focus on.  If done correctly it can: provide the muscles with building blocks to develop. Allows the glycogen stores (Carb stores) to replenish. This is the energy supply that you need for overall recovery, for the next race and to prevent muscles being “eaten […]

Fat Free Lifestyle…HELLO

Guys, I went for my Vitality Health Check and it confirmed my fear…my damn cholesterol is HIGH!!! I have had it checked many times before but today it was the highest it’s been! However I have had a full lipogram done before and it is the good “HDL” one that is super high, which makes sense […]

Fat trap in metal bird

Flying 30 000 ft above sea level many of us are faced with our first healthy-eating obstacle…the plane. What to eat? What’s healthy? What’s even available with the amount of cash you can scrape together? As I page through the in-flight magazine and peruse the menu I am reminded of how hard healthy eating actually is. Our options […]